Order Issues

What should I do when an order is being delivered to me?

-Inspect the shipment immediately upon receipt.
-Count your boxes and sign for piece count as well as pallets.
-By your acceptance of the shipment you acknowledge that the product has been delivered in GOOD CONDITION. 
-If any shortages or damages are discovered upon delivery, make a notation for damage and/or shortage on the Bill of Lading before accepting the order. -Have the driver sign all copies to acknowledge the notation. Do not sign the freight bill “clear” if you suspect damage. You are also welcome to refuse damaged items.

If I have an issue with an order (damaged, missing items, received items I didn’t order) what do I need to do?

Call Dealer Services at 800-780-2402 to report these issues within 72 hours and have the following information ready from the packing slip:

Order Number, Line Number, Description of Product, Quantity and What the issue is

Damaged product:

Please take pictures of the damaged product in its original case as you will be asked to email these

The specialist will determine if the product should be returned or destroyed.

Returned – A call tag will be emailed within 72 hours to return the product. Credit will be issued upon receipt of the product back at the Dealer Services warehouse.

Destroyed – A credit will be issued within 72 hours.

Replacement product can be shipped upon request. You will be re-billed for the new product, however, credit will follow for the damaged product.

Received product you didn’t order (Overage):

Determine if you would like to keep the product that you received or return it to Dealer Services

Keep: Dealer Services will bill your account accordingly

Return: Dealer Services will issue a pre-paid shipping label within 72 hours to return the product to the Dealer Services Warehouse.

Missing Product (Shortage):

Have the information above ready and contact your Dealer Services Specialist at 800-780-2402

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Dealer Source

You can reach a Dealer Source Representative by:

  • 800-780-2402
  • 888-809-4647